Sunday, 22 June 2014

It really is nearly finished

S likes my discussion section and says it reads well and contains some good ideas. I am so thrilled because its the first praise I've had. So I just need to add in a conclusion (which he says I can merge with the discussion), adjust the word count and do lots and lots of proof-reading. I am so relieved and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I loved the analysis part but absolutely hated every minute of the writing up. And normally I love writing but the style of this has felt so strange to me.

I've cancelled my next appointment with Old Faithful, but I don't think he's fully got the message that I'm not going back. He was very defensive about how short he had cut it and said 'it was lovely when I left the salon'. Well, he always makes it look lovely at that stage but that's no good to me the next morning.

We've been away for a few days - blogged here and will be going on another cruise soon. TSH and I will both spend a sea day sanity checking the dissertation.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Two triumphs

The dissertation is nearly finished. This is the closest its been and I feel a tremendous sense of relief.  In theory, it could be handed in because all the relevant parts are now there. But I've sent the discussion chapter to S, so gloom may follow.

And I've passed Level 185 of Farm Heroes Saga. This is the most difficult level ever and I've been doing it for about a month. Unprecedented for me. And I did it today with 3 stars!! I have a sneaking suspicion that 'they' realised the level was impossible and have changed the way it works during the time I have been playing it. If you are as addicted as I am, you get a 'feel' for how a level 'plays' and I think it changed a few days ago. I wonder if that happens?

And my leg is almost back to normal.

Great day!! Prosecco on the terrace with TSH tonight, as the weather is warm and sunny.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A busy day

I'm working through the dissertation and finding lots of places where I can improve it. I also found a Table with some incorrectly calculated numbers!!! If I'm the scientific nerd who doesn't like writing in an 'arts' style, the least I can do is get the calculations right.

I had a big wardrobe clear out and quite a few garments are going to charity. My wardrobes are still overfull but there are 'good' items I can't bring myself to get rid of even though they are not my preferred ones any more. Maybe I should have been more ruthless with things I haven't worn for a couple of years or more. I probably need someone to do the job with me like they do in the makeover programs on the telly.

I'm having great trauma with my hair. I agreed with Old Faithfull that he would stop being randomly creative and that he would do 'same every time'. Since then, TSH has been photographing it after every visit and then during the period before it is cut again. And its been the same until this time, when it isn't. Its far too short. But I don't like the style I've been having either but I know if I tell him that, he'll go random again. Do I hate the hair or do I hate the way I look at 62?

Friday, 6 June 2014


I have been afraid to contact S, because I don't need criticism which results in more work right now. But I didn't know whether some of my Tables counted towards the wordcount or not, so I had to consult. As a result, I have moved them to an Appendix, so I'll need to describe them in the body of the text. He was very encouraging in his note.

The discussion chapter, which I'm finding quite hard, is well under way. But does anyone else find the flaws in the argument when you try to summarise it?

But my leg is improving and my filling has been replaced. And we had an afternoon tea party to introduce the new grandson to TSH's family. He is a very smiley boy but teething is starting, which seems painful.